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#🔺ALERT™ 🧨 New Video . . By Comedian + MakeUp💄Owner @THEBSimone 🔥She GOES HARRRRD on her NEW SONG (WATCH VIDEO) @WESTPOPPN

🚨New Music 🎶 by #Boston rapper JS PAPER @js_paper (Watch Video) /// @WESTPOPPN

I want to put on for my city, especially for my kid. If I die, if he sees what I did he’ll definitely be more proud to be from my city.JS PAPER

Hailing from Boston, JS PAPER’s “Beantown” video is an introduction to the rapper and his hometown.

JS PAPER– “Beantown

Aptly named, Beantown is a love letter to the streets that made 17 year old rapper JS PAPER who he is today.  Directed by ShotByDon and produced by Feeva, the visual captures the heart and soul of Boston as the rapper visually and lyrically shows his love for his city. The music video highlights Bostonian landmarks and features a cameo by NBA basketball player Shabazz Napier who is also from the town.

The record was produced by JahDaGod, JS PAPER’s 15 year old brother, who also produced the rapper’s upcoming new EP “Shoe Box.

IG:  @jaystacks.paper



Lady Blade a.k.a T-313 “We Gets Down”




Just confirmed that yesterday, rapper Erick Sermon, half of the group EPMD, suffered a MASSIVE heart attack. He’s currently in serious but stable condition. DJ Scratch confirmed Erick’s condition last night, when he Tweeted, “Erick Sermon had a heart attack today . . . He’s ok, but still send your prayers. He is not on Twitter.” Fans have continued to tweet their questions at him after the initial announcement, prompting him to reply, “I wish yall tweet me this much when I tweet good news. Smh”

Erick Sermon weighs approximately 350 pounds



Paramedics Are Attempting To Bring Him Back To Life!!!

October 14, 2011: TMZ just broke the news that rapper Rick Ross had a seizure on an airplane just a few moments ago. link to TMZ story just spoke to a friend of one of Ross entourage. He told his girlfriend that Ross’ heart stopped and that paramedics are fighting to keep him alive, but that it doesn’t look good.

The paramedics have not yet pronounced him dead, so we’re all holding out hope. Let’s all pray.

UPDATE: 1:55: It looks like prayers have worked, superstar rapper Ross has been revived. He is in the hospital under close supervision. It’s not clear WHAT caused the seizure, but family and friends say it was NOT drug related.