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NEW MUSIC™📍 by @DanielIeBregoli aka #BHAD #BHABIE drops 2 NEW Singles #HiBich & #WachuKnow + @moneyyaya Co-Signs her MUSIC / @WESTPOPPN

The Social Media Young Icon  DANIELLE BREGOLI aka BHAD BHABIE  dropped her NEW single “Hi Bich“/ Wachu Know”  today

Floyd Mayweather’s Daughter Iyana Mayweather went LIVE on the GRAM and gave a SUUUUPER Co-Sign and says . .  “Danielle 2 NEW SONGS are HARRRRD“!!!! and “Who Ever Produced her music is DOPE“!!!, Yaya also says that “Danielle’s music makes her want to be a rapper“,

and then says… to Her LIVE watching Instagram Followers “I’m bout to become an ARTIST”  . . .”I’m a be dropping MIXTAPES” I’m a be HOT!! and “when they INTERVIEW ME they gone be like what made you become a rapper….and i’m a say DANIELLE” . . . . | Quotes by Iyana MAYWEATHER |

#CelebzPOPPN™📍 #TheMAYWEATHER’S / @MoneyYAYA +more / @ WESTPOPPN


#CelebzPOPPN™📍 #TMT @MoneyYaya Behind The Scenes for PHOTO SHOOT / @WESTPOPPN

Money Yaya aka Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s Daughter IYANNA MAYWEATHER  doing an Exclusive Behind The Scenes Photo Shoot.  Check out YAYA styled in her ALL WHITE Attire . .

    Soooooo Loving these Diamond Studded pumps and her “Jacket” is Suupper Fashion . . . I love it!!!! WELL Heck the whole Dammn OUTFIT!!! Yassssssss  YAYA . . #ThatPart!!!


                                   “YAYA” Getting her #FACEBEAT


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