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#LLCOOLJ 🔺Launches his #RockTheBells Radio station . . (PICS) /// @WESTPOPPN

LL COOL J celebrates his “Rock The Bells Radio” Launch Party at World on Wheels in Los Angeles last night.  His NEW #RockTheBells Sirius XM Radio Station which will play all of your favorite classic HipHop music.   | Actress-Porscha Coleman & LL Cool J|

#RockTheBells is strickly for the hardcore Hiphop fans and the culture of old school Hiphop-Classics 💯🎙🎵🎶 and continuing the hiphop legacy🎵

Tiffany Haddish ➕ LL COOL J

Slick Rick The Ruler  ➕ LL COOL J