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#CelebzPOPPN™ Is Juelz Santana Stalking his baby mama #Kimbella ??? /// @WESTPOPPN

It looks like baby daddy “Juelz Santana” might still be in LOVE or is he stalking his “HOT” baby mama Kimbella,  Trynah get her attention . . after he allegedly cheated on my girl “Kimbella

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#JUELZ SANTANA GOES TO JAIL!!!!! + D-Dimes “Tha Mac 2011” ft. Snoop Dogg & MORE!! WESTPOPPN.COM

Dipset used to get in hot water with critics for comparing themselves to the Taliban. And now it seems one of the crew’s member has taken the comparison a little too literally. Juelz Santana was arrested earlier this week on suspicion of “making terrorist threats.”

According to TMZ, law enforcement sources wouldn’t disclose what constituted the threats, but say that the Dipset rapper was charged with disorderly conduct as well.

Details are still forthcoming, but Juelz allegedly refused to allow police to search his vehicle, which was later impounded. He was arrested, detained for several hours and later released on $46,500 bail.

Unfortunately, this is becoming old hat for Juelz. In February 2011, he was arrested after police discovered marijuana and weapons in his New Jersey recording studio. In August 2010, he was locked up for driving without a license, and in August 2009, he was hit domestic violence charges.

Juelz’ reps have yet to comment on the matter.


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