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#SummerWalker 🚨goes #Viral 🗣Talks Trash about L.A. & #TheWestCoast Claps back .. (WATCH VIDEO) @WESTPOPPN


Singer Summer Walker catches 🚨🤷🏽‍♀️BACK LASH from going on a ramp about “how dirty Los Angeles,CALIFORNIA is, “It’s TOO MANY Bums”, …etc. . . . Then deletes her post.  But the WestCoast wasn’t feeling it  PERIOD!!! A lot PEOPLE and INDUSTRY people are responding back to SummerWalkers post.  Even the other Former Model Summer Walker responds That “she loves L.A” and she’s doesn’t want to be confused with her name, because She’s not the summer Walker who said that.  . (WATCH CLIP) . .

DJ HED from Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA