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#Fashion#TALK📍™ – STAR RIOS – #BIGPUN DAUGHTER launches NEW WINTER Items 🔺 ((TAKE A LOOK))🔺 @StarRiosTheView /// @WESTPOPPN

STAR RIOS aka Big Pun’s Daughter Launches some NEW WINTER Items called “CAPITAL PUNISHMENT” as she continues to rep her legendary father BIG PUN with his classical face imprint that’s stamped for her clothing line, STAR  also has a EYE WEAR line on her site at RIOSTARVIEW.COM | Go Support and Check out her CAPITAL PUNISHMENT Brand!!



When it’s too hot for makeup but U goodCHARLI BALTIMORE

|EyeLashesBy: Tiffani Mitchell (uptop)

|HairBy: Wanda Mora (uptop)

|BAG&ShoeSWAG™📍| | Charli #B |


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