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#DamarJackson 🔺brings ROSES ➕Edible’s 2 #KMichelle 🔻Is it a #CRUSH? (WatchVideo➕Photo’s) /// @WESTPOPPN

Damar Jackson randomly fills up the room full of Roses🌹🌹🌹 and has them delivered to K. Michelle as he heard that she Loves🌹 Roses. .

Plus gets K.Michelle HIGH smoking her very FIRST Blunt with Damar Jackson, the room looks like Valentines Day during MARCH season with all of these “nice & romantic” gifts . . Hmmmmm can it be Damar Jackson has a CRUSH on Ms. K???? ✔✔✔

Watch Video

#RnB🔺ALERT™ 🚨 #DamarJackson goes in on his #InstagramHaters 🎬🎶 /// @WESTPOPPN

Damar Jackson responds Musically 🎶 to some of his HATERS . . “IAintMadAtCha

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