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Ex Husband Ochocinco Goes ham on twitter, throwing twitter shots at Evelyn’s Publicist Danika Berry..and of course Evelyn caught in the mix. In the tweets Chad reference to Evelyn cheating wit more than one person and Insinuates that she might be sleeping with someone from YMCMB crew to keep her money up.

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So far, Danika has not responded to Chad and we’re not sure why he got so upset with her for doing PR for her client….it’s her job.  On Evelyn’s side, she has not addressed Chad directly but she did tweet….

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And on Instagram she posted…..

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#VIDEO T.I. – Go Get It

IS..@EvelynLozada from the BasketBall Wives Leaving the Show????? + ALLEY BOY + J’LO + New videos +New Artist & More…. WESTPOPPN.COM

Is EVELYN LOZADA from BasketBall Wives..Leaving the Show????

Evelyn Lozada was all set to leave “Basketball Wives” and not return for the show’s fourth season — until the show offered her a deal she just couldn’t turn down … which, includes her own spin-off show.

Previously reported, Evelyn had made up her mind that she was done with the show for good after VH1 posted a blog insinuating she cheated on her husband, NFL star Chad Ochocinco

Once Evelyn let producers know she was out, that’s when we’re told they really made a push to keep her.

According to our sources, her new arrangement with the show has her shooting about half as often (but with a raise) and that she can work around her daughter’s school schedule. We’re also told Evelyn has made it clear … she will not miss any of Chad’s games.

But according to our sources, the final carrot that sealed the deal … was that VH1 promised to spin off Evelyn and Chad into their own show. We’re told that show would document the months leading up to their wedding … but so far no deal to shoot the wedding has been made.

Calls to VH1 were not returned

Evelyn Lozada

Evelyn Lozada



NEW!!! Alley Boy – Fake Nigga

NEW ARTIST!!! WELCOME TO NORFOLK  D.Gaines Feat Ave Stacc & Ocean Keyz