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#NEW #MOVIE!!!! “MEDIA” on #TVONE – FEB.25th . . . @WESTPOPPN

The movie #MEDIA on #TVONE ✔️ Westpoppn.comRed Logo (c) 2015 #WESTPOPPN - @WESTPOPPN - westpoppn.comYasssss The MOVIE “MEDIA” 🎥 is Finally HERE!!!✔️🎥✔️🎥  . . . A MUST WATCH “Original” FILM!!!!! Full of Drama, Romance, Suspense, and Action!!!! STAY TUNED . . on #TVONE This >FEBRUARY 25th,

Kevin Arkadie - written of the movie MEDIA - Westpoppn.comRed Logo (c) 2015 #WESTPOPPN - @WESTPOPPN - westpoppn.comMEDIA” was written by Kevin Arkadie who wrote for New York Undercover – Soul Food:The Series  just to name a few . .



Denise boutte - the movie "MEDIA" on #TVone - WESTPOPPN.comRed Logo (c) 2015 #WESTPOPPN - @WESTPOPPN - westpoppn.comOur friend and Beautiful Actress Denise Boutte ✔️ Who recently Starred in the April 2016 movie “Second Site” producer by Susan Banks on the #TVone Network, Will be starring in Media as Danielle Jones   (c)2017|pc:AbbySingleton|Westpoppn|

RED - tiny-logo-hollywoodtalktm-westpoppnStephen bishop - starring in Media

You may remember STEPHEN BISHOP from the Tv Show “Being Mary Jane” on the #BET Network,  WELL . . The handsome Stephen Bishop will be starring in Media” as Willis Randolph. .  (c)2017|pc:AbbySingleton|Westpoppn|

Red Logo (c) 2015 #WESTPOPPN - @WESTPOPPN - westpoppn.comThe movie #Media - TVOne- WESTPOPPN.comPooch Hall as “Clay Jones” takes his character to a side that Tv has never seen before In this movie #Media (c)2017|pc:AbbySingleton|Westpoppn|

Penny Johnson Jerald - The movie MEDIA 2017 - Westpoppn.comThe talented Penny Johnson Jerald looks Amazing!!! Love her Fashion✔️ She plays “Jackie Jones” in “MEDIA”.   She’s a BEAST!!!  We Promise you, you will fall in love with her character. (c)2107|pc: AbbySingleton|Westpoppn|

RED - tiny-logo-hollywoodtalktm-westpoppnThe cast of the movie MEDIA - coming 2017 - #TvOne #Media -WESTPOPPN.comRed Logo (c) 2015 #WESTPOPPN - @WESTPOPPN - westpoppn.comGroupPic. ✔️ (left) Craig Ross  Jr. is the Director of the movie #MEDIA, next is /producer, 3rd is Executive- Producer Susan Banks, (middle) ActressPenny Johnson Jerald, Actor-Stephen Bishop, Actress-Denise Boutte, (last) Actor-Pooch Hall


Rubee Jewel via Westpoppn with Denise Boutte - WESTPOPPN.comRed Logo (c) 2015 #WESTPOPPN - @WESTPOPPN - westpoppn.comCelebrity Host Rubee Jewel and Denise Boutte

(c)2017|pc: Abby Singleton/Westpoppn)