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#NOW Playing📍@BanditGvngMvrco – Produced By @KpOnDaBeat / @WESTPOPPN

#NEW R&B song by #Bandit Gang Marco “Pose to Be”


Hollywod#TALK™ @AmareIsREAL loves the kids . . . #Jerusalem @WESTPOPPN



COMPTON Artists heating up the streets with  . . .Phonk P, Fred Blaze and Yacck with their NEXT New Single titled Shootas  |Dir. By D. Cortez |


#GANGTAPES coming soon . . Stay Tuned!!!!


Hollywood#TALK™ 📍 @Gabrielledoug @CASSIE @DaRealAmberRose @ArsenioHall +More @WESTPOPPN

Gabby Douglas - CliveDavisPreGrammysparty - Westpoppn.comRed Logo (c) 2015 #WESTPOPPN - @WESTPOPPN - westpoppn.comGabby Douglas Looked Amazing on the Red Carpet at the #CliveDavisPreGrammysPartyoops-the-tea-spilled-logo-copyright-westpoppn-com

Are they Back- Wiz Khalifa & Amber Rose

Red Logo (c) 2015 #WESTPOPPN - @WESTPOPPN - westpoppn.comARE THEY BACK TOGETHER????? Amber & Wiz Khalifa . . . #CLiveDAvisPreGrammysPartyoops-the-tea-spilled-logo-copyright-westpoppn-com

Pink-HOLLYWOOD#TALK Westpoppn logocassie #CliveDavisPreGrammysParty - Westpoppn.comCASSIE getting glammed UP before the #CliveDavisPreGrammyParty

CASSIE AND Kourtney Kardashian - #GrammysCliveDavisRed Logo (c) 2015 #WESTPOPPN - @WESTPOPPN - Kourtney Kardashian and Cassie  #CliveDavisPreGrammysParty 

RED - tiny-logo-hollywoodtalktm-westpoppnRapper Desiigner - by Valerie B Studios - Red Logo (c) 2015 #WESTPOPPN - @WESTPOPPN - westpoppn.comRapper Desiigner at the Billboard #Power100 Event  – |pc: ValerieBstudios|

Denzel Washington - IMageAwards2017 - (by ValerieBStudios)Denzel Washington at the #ImageAwards  |pc:ValerieBstudios|

Arsenio Hall & Dalton Cyr - Westpoppn.comRed Logo (c) 2015 #WESTPOPPN - @WESTPOPPN - westpoppn.comDalton Cyr spotted with the Legendary Arsenio Hall at the “Winners” art opening 

RED - tiny-logo-hollywoodtalktm-westpoppnrapper PROBLEM AND DRUMMER BOY - WESTPOPPN.COMRapper PROBLEM and DRUMMER BOY in DownTown Los Angeles

RED - tiny-logo-hollywoodtalktm-westpoppnray J Grammys after party -

#OKGRAMMYS2017 @iamJoJo @Aminabuddafly @Althea_Heart @hazelebaby @LeontineDesigns @WESTPOPPN

Pink-HOLLYWOOD#TALK Westpoppn logoAmina Buddafly #OKmagazine Party celebration w/JoJo - Westpoppn.comRed Logo (c) 2015 #WESTPOPPN - @WESTPOPPN - westpoppn.comOK Magazine Grammys Celebration at the Avalon in Hollywood, California with special performance by Pop singer JOJO.   Celebrity Star Amina Pankey from VH1’s #LHHNY + Author of  “The Other Woman”  & New EP “music in my room” (on iTunes . .)  hits the RED Carpet . . in her #Flawless Peach jump suit       |pc:AbbySingleton|Westpoppn


Amina Buddafly - New Book Release - The Other Woman -


Purchase Book now on Amazon)

RED-FIT Size/small -Hollywood#TALK TM#okGrammys2017 #OKmagazine - singer JOJO shotBy @Abbysingleton23 - WESTPOPPN.COMRed Logo (c) 2015 #WESTPOPPN - @WESTPOPPN - westpoppn.comPOP Singer JOJO hits the stage LIVE!!!! . . .with an AMAZING performance  |pc:AbbySingleton|Westpoppn|

#OKGrammys2017 - LIVE on stage Singer JOJO ShotBy @Abbysingleon23 - WESTPOPPN.COM  #OKGrammys2017   |(c)2017 pc:AbbySingleton| Westpoppn|

Althea Heart - #OKgrammy2017 #OkMagazine - shot by @abbysingleton23 - Logo (c) 2015 #WESTPOPPN - @WESTPOPPN - westpoppn.comCelebrity – Tv Reality Star  Althea Heart from #VH1 #LHHATL came thru Stunt’n in her Beautiful Banana dress and in her Furry White neck shawl.. Kill’n the Red Carpet. .

HAZEL-E #OKGrammys2017 - shotby @abbysingleton23 - WESTPOPPN.COMRed Logo (c) 2015 #WESTPOPPN - @WESTPOPPN - westpoppn.comCelebrity Reality Tv Star Hazel E from #VH1 #LHHH hits the Red Carpet in her Sexy Seductive Black lace See-Thru Skirt, and a really cute Fashionable Lace Bra Top Shirt as she BLOWS KISSES to everyone  . .    |pc:AbbySingleton|Westpoppn|

RED -Who-Hit-Da-Red

#OkGrammys2017 -

RED-FIT Size/small -Hollywood#TALK TM

#OKGrammys2017 - Celebrity Host Rubee Jewelz - Celebrity Designer Leontine Abdulla - Red Logo (c) 2015 #WESTPOPPN - @WESTPOPPN - westpoppn.comCelebrity Designer Leontine Abdullah + Celebrity Host Rubee Jewelz grabbing a few Giveaway Goodies Gift Bags from L.A. Girl Make-UP   – |pc:AbbySingleton|Westpoppn|

#OKGrammys2017 - @AbbySingleon23 - RubeeJewelz - LeontineAbdullah - #OKGrammys2017  –   |AbbySingleton, RubeeJewelz, + LeontineAbdullah|

Westpoppn Logo- inside-look-logo-tm-transparent-w-westpoppn-logo#OKgrammys2017 - WESTPOPPN.COMRed Logo (c) 2015 #WESTPOPPN - @WESTPOPPN - 

perez hilton okgrammys2017-abbysingleon23-perez-hilton-westpoppn-com Celebrity star PEREZ HILTON of   |(c)2017 pc:AbbySingleton| Westpoppn|

RED-FIT Size/small -Hollywood#TALK TMsteve mackey #okgrammys2017 - abbysingleton23 - westpoppn.comRed Logo (c) 2015 #WESTPOPPN - @WESTPOPPN - westpoppn.comSTEVE MACKEY  hits the Red Carpet  – Celebrity Vocal Coach  – for JLO, Lenny Kravitz, Kelly Rowland, Fergie, Selena Gomez, JoJo, Kerry Washington, & NBC’s The Voice Band +more. .    |(c)2017 pc:AbbySingleton|Westpoppn|

RED -Who-Hit-Da-Red

#OKGrammys2017 -David McIntosh /Model - shotby @abbySingleton23 - WESTPOPPN.COMDAVID MCINTOSH – Celebrity Male Model   |(c)2017 pc:AbbySingleton|Westpoppn|

#OKGrammys2017 - Ronnie Magro & DAVID MCINTOSH - westpoppn.comRed Logo (c) 2015 #WESTPOPPN - @WESTPOPPN - westpoppn.comCelebrity Tv Star Ronnie Magro from #JerseyShore & Model-David McIntosh 

Pink-HOLLYWOOD#TALK Westpoppn logo#OKGrammys2017 - hazel E, althea heart - Red Logo (c) 2015 #WESTPOPPN - @WESTPOPPN - westpoppn.comSLimFast Models #OKGrammys2017 - WESTPOPPN.COM#SLIMFAST Models


HAZEL E - WESTPOPPN.COM #OKGrammys2017HAZEL E –      |(c)2017 pc:AbbySingleton|Westpoppn|

Hollywood#TALK @LauraMGovan @iamjennifer @PlayboyFreud @_snapdogg_ @WESTPOPPN

katt tat - Behind The Scenes for bebe -

Red Logo (c) 2015 #WESTPOPPN - @WESTPOPPN - westpoppn.comFashion Influencer Gloria Govan from Basketball Wives of LA hits the Black CARPET wearing Designer Azzi Osta at the Fifty Shades Darker Premiere*at the ACE THEATRE in Los Angeles,CA


ORIGINAL -fashion-talk-tm-by-westpoppn-comJennifer Williams wearing ClassyGirlWardrobe - westpoppn.comFashion Alert!!!  Jennifer Williams rocking her Fashion gear from #ClassyGirlWardrobe at

katt tat photo shoot BTS - WESTPOPPN.COM Red Logo (c) 2015 #WESTPOPPN - @WESTPOPPN - westpoppn.comKatt Tat Behind The Scenes Photo shoot with the brand bebe  |pc: @ATurnerArchives|

ORIGINAL -fashion-talk-tm-by-westpoppn-com


westpoppn-new-musicTM Logo

Richmond, CAPlayboy Freud | Run My City

|Parental Advisory -Video|SNAP DOGG


TVONE - LEBRON JAMES - Congratulations to @kingjames, he will he receiving the #NAACP Jackie Robinson Sports Award! #ImageAwards @naacpimageawards - WESTPOPPN.COMRed Logo (c) 2015 #WESTPOPPN - @WESTPOPPN - westpoppn.comLEBRON JAMES NAACP AWARD -48TH IMAGE AWARD - TVONE - WESTPOPPN.COMTVone - Anthony Anderson to HOST the 48th IMAGE AWARDS NAACP - WESTPOPPN.COMRed Logo (c) 2015 #WESTPOPPN - @WESTPOPPN - Comedian/Actor Anthony Anderson

to Host LIVE Two-Hour Special 

At 9:00pm ET/8:00pm C






RED-FIT Size/small -Hollywood#TALK TMWESTPOPPN.COM - BIG SEAN AND FUNK FLEXBIG SEAN and FUNK FLEX on HOT 97 Radio WESTPOPPN HOLLYWOOD TM logo :blackadrien-broner-vs-granados-feb-18th-westpoppn-comRed Logo (c) 2015 #WESTPOPPN - @WESTPOPPN - westpoppn.comIT’S FINALLY DOWN TO THE COUNT DOWN  . . . FEBRUARY 18TH!!!! ADRIEN Broner #Will #Finally #FIGHT  ADRIAN Granados. 

Adrien Broner fight - FEBRUARY 18TH - WESTPOPPN.COMThis should be a GOOOOOD Fight!!!2chainz-1oaklv-westpoppn-com

Celebrity-INSIDERS @KingJames @Jipthachamp @All_About_Andre #WellDressedG + @IAMSU ON @WESTPOPPN

Red Logo (c) 2015 #WESTPOPPN - @WESTPOPPN - westpoppn.comLebron James and NFL player – Chris JohnsonCJ2K” in motion . .

Jacquees & JIP Justin "Jip" DeLoach - westpoppn.comRed Logo (c) 2015 #WESTPOPPN - @WESTPOPPN - westpoppn.comBoxer Justin “Jip” DeLoach  “16-1” 8KO’s spotted out with one of his favorite Music Artists from #RICHGANG “YMCMB Jacquees 

westpoppn-new-musicTM Logo

ORIGINAL -fashion-talk-tm-by-westpoppn-commodel "Well Dressed G" - WESTPOPPN.comRed Logo (c) 2015 #WESTPOPPN - @WESTPOPPN -!!!  “Well Dressed G“✔

ORIGINAL -fashion-talk-tm-by-westpoppn-comAll about ANDRE - Stylist/Host/Entreprenuer - Westpoppn.comRed Logo (c) 2015 #WESTPOPPN - @WESTPOPPN - Stylist Alert ✔  “ANDRE“✔

RED-FIT Size/small -Hollywood#TALK TMAKON grammy Weekend -



Celebrity-INSIDERS @IceCUBE @TherealDubWC @SnoopDogg &more #DJCRAZYTOONE’s #Funeral @WESTPOPPN

ice cube & kebo #djCrazyToones Funeral - westpoppn.comRed Logo (c) 2015 #WESTPOPPN - @WESTPOPPN - westpoppn.comSO MANY Friends, Family, Fans, and loved ones came out to show their Deepest #Respect to the #Legendary WestCoast #DjCrazyToones at his Funeral.  ICE CUBE & KEBO chops it up with close friends. .  (pc:OgdaddyV)

DJ CRAZY TOONES #rip Westpoppn.comRed Logo (c) 2015 #WESTPOPPN - @WESTPOPPN - westpoppn.comDj Crazy Toones you will be missed, but never forgotten #RIP!!!

WC Guilty by Affiliation #DjCrazyToones & WC

RED-FIT Size/small -Hollywood#TALK TMWESTPOPPN.COM - Dj Crazy Toones you will be missed, but never forgotten #RIP!!!RED-FIT Size/small -Hollywood#TALK TM#DJCrazyToones Funeral - Snoop,dj pooh, warren g, etc. on Westpoppn.comRed Logo (c) 2015 #WESTPOPPN - @WESTPOPPN - westpoppn.comLegends came out . .Dj Pooh, Snoop Dogg, Warren G, LiL Half Dead & Trick Trick  (pc:OgdaddyV)

mack 10 and OG DaddyV - Westpoppn.comRed Logo (c) 2015 #WESTPOPPN - @WESTPOPPN - westpoppn.comBigg D & Mack 10📍

MC Eiht - Westpoppn.comMC Eiht, ICE CUBE . . .📍

Dj Crazy Toones Funeral - Westpoppn.comRed Logo (c) 2015 #WESTPOPPN - @WESTPOPPN - westpoppn.comTha Dogg Pound, Lady of Rage, DJ Premier  (pc:OgdaddyV)

RED-FIT Size/small -Hollywood#TALK TMLL COOL J - #DJCRAZYTOONES Funeral - Westpoppn.comRed Logo (c) 2015 #WESTPOPPN - @WESTPOPPN - westpoppn.comice cube & MC Eiht -Westpoppn.comWestpoppn Logo- inside-look-logo-tm-transparent-w-westpoppn-logo

RED-FIT Size/small -Hollywood#TALK TM#RIP #DJCrazyToones FUNNERAL -WESTPOPPN.COMRed Logo (c) 2015 #WESTPOPPN - @WESTPOPPN - . . DJ CrazyToones 

lady of Rage & MC Eiht - westpoppn.comLady of Rage & MC Eiht 

WC - #DJCrazyToones - Westpoppn.comRED-FIT Size/small -Hollywood#TALK TMLegendary KING T & Dj SCRatch -Westpoppn.comRed Logo (c) 2015 #WESTPOPPN - @WESTPOPPN - westpoppn.comLegendary Rapper KING T & DJ Scratch📍

chuck d, badd lucc etc.. #DJCRAZYTOONES Funeral -

RED-FIT Size/small -Hollywood#TALK TMSnoop dog at -#DjCrazyToones Funeral  (pc:OgdaddyV) - Red Logo (c) 2015 #WESTPOPPN - @WESTPOPPN - westpoppn.comSNOOP DOGG📍 (pc:OgdaddyV)

@RICKEYSmiley For Real Show 🎬 SEASON FINALE. . With @RealRoyJonesJr on @TVONEtv @WESTPOPPN

@RealRoyJonesJr talks to Rickey smiley son about RESPECT . . On the Rickey Smiley For Real Tv Show #On TVONE - Westpoppn.comCheck out the Season Finale of the Rickey Smiley For Real Show . . THIS . .Tuesday January 24th with ROY JONES Jr. Giving Malik a Talk about RESPECT. . Here’s a SNEAK PEEK . . Check it out!!!   (All pc: TVOne)Rickey smiley for real show -

RED-FIT Size/small -Hollywood#TALK TMTVOne- Rickey smiley for real show - Westpoppn.comRed Logo (c) 2015 #WESTPOPPN - @WESTPOPPN - westpoppn.comFeat. Roy jones jr. - TVOne- Rickey smiley for real show - Westpoppn.comRed Logo (c) 2015 #WESTPOPPN - @WESTPOPPN - westpoppn.comGuest appearance Roy jones Jr. TVOne- Rickey smiley for real show - Westpoppn.comRed Logo (c) 2015 #WESTPOPPN - @WESTPOPPN - westpoppn.comGuest appearance Roy jones Jr. - TVOne- Rickey smiley for real show - Westpoppn.comDON’T MISS IT !!!!! ✔️✔️✔️ This Tuesday . . January 24th on TVONE!!!!

RED-FIT Size/small -Hollywood#TALK TM

Celebrity#INSIDERS™ #MaryJBlige @AllenIverson @LLCOOLJ ➕ NEW MUSIC by @RomeyoWilson ➕more @WESTPOPPN

Hollywood#TALK™ - Murda mook, Allen Iverson and B Maze - Westpoppn.comMurda Mook ALLEN IversonB Maze 📍

Mary j blige & (LL COOL J's Wife) Simone I.Smith -Westpoppn.comRed Logo (c) 2015 #WESTPOPPN - @WESTPOPPN - westpoppn.comLL Cool J’s Wife Simone ISmith spotted out with her BFF Mary J. Blige 💋

westpoppn-new-musicTM Logo

RED-FIT Size/small -Hollywood#TALK TMGloria Govan & her kids - Westpoppn.comRed Logo (c) 2015 #WESTPOPPN - @WESTPOPPN - Duties!!!! With Gloria Govan 

Duffy -

Red Logo (c) 2015 #WESTPOPPN - @WESTPOPPN - westpoppn.comDJ Duffy Repp’n in her ONE Piece Diamond studded body suit. . .

Slim 400 Apologizes to his FANS . . about the other night. . On his way to the CLUB Cops Identified him as someone else

RED-FIT Size/small -Hollywood#TALK TMPit bull - birthday bash - Westpoppn.comRed Logo (c) 2015 #WESTPOPPN - @WESTPOPPN - westpoppn.comSending 💨Happy Birthday Luv to the homie PIT BULL 🎂 - LL cool j, and wifey Simone I. smith Red Logo (c) 2015 #WESTPOPPN - @WESTPOPPN - westpoppn.comSuper S/O and Happy Birthday to the “GOAT” LL COOL J

RED-FIT Size/small -Hollywood#TALK TM