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💕Which #Beauty wore it BEST??? #ChristinaMilian vs Youtuber #JillyAnais Rocking their Colorful Fashion (PICS) /// @WESTPOPPN

Love the Colorful YARN Fashion Trend. . But which one do ya’ll think wore it BEST???? Jilly or Christina???

#CelebzPOPPN™ 💋Cool Pics with #KeyshiaCole // @WESTPOPPN

DJ Charlie B talks exclusively with Keyshia Cole  🎙


@ERICBELLINGER 🔺Goes In with the SMOKE at🔻 @ToryLANEZ Plus with his HOT NEW ALBUM #EazyCall (WATCH ) /// @WESTPOPPN

The R&B favorite Eric Bellinger DROPS his EAZY CALL Album TODAY!!!!! PLus➕He releases an ALL EXCLUSIVE Music Video which he kills it on, and goes in allegedly on TORY LANEZ . .  🛑🛑A MUST WATCH‼🛑🛑 

🔺 Looks Like Eric Bellinger is bringing the SMOKE on this one!!!


🔺Eazy Call Album Cover🔺

#Ochocinco heads to ITALY📍 . . (PICS) /// @WESTPOPPN

OchoCinco spends some time in ITALY splurging with a few of his friends ⚔🏰

▪🍸 #ITALY ▪

#CelebzPOPPN™ 🎬 💋 #AprylJONES 💋 giving us Sexyness /// @WESTPOPPN

Apryl Jones in her ❌ NOT YOUR BAE DRESS ❌ by Beverly Muse 


#DamarJackson 🔺brings ROSES ➕Edible’s 2 #KMichelle 🔻Is it a #CRUSH? (WatchVideo➕Photo’s) /// @WESTPOPPN

Damar Jackson randomly fills up the room full of Roses🌹🌹🌹 and has them delivered to K. Michelle as he heard that she Loves🌹 Roses. .

Plus gets K.Michelle HIGH smoking her very FIRST Blunt with Damar Jackson, the room looks like Valentines Day during MARCH season with all of these “nice & romantic” gifts . . Hmmmmm can it be Damar Jackson has a CRUSH on Ms. K???? ✔✔✔

Watch Video

CelebzPOPPN™ #IssaFridayMOOD #KarlieREDD 🔻 Saddled UP 🔺(Photo) /// @WESTPOPPN


Karlie Redd 〰 Friday’s mood▪


#KeyshiaCole🔺 spotted and in her cute Fashion attire /// @WESTPOPPN

Keyshia Cole spotted out rocking her Exclusive red Caligirl Eyewear, red lace see thru top and bra, distressed jeans & lace panty stockings, red pull up socks with low pumps, and rocking her cute “now trendingGucci fanni pack  |styled by:Sir Joe Exclusive/pc:Joe Exclusive|

#CelebzPOPPN™ 🔺 #TishaCampbell @TishaCampblMrTN releases her NEW Dance video song . . /// @WESTPOPPN

Tisha killing it in her dance video along with her NEW dance song🙌

#EssenceWomenInMusic 🔺 #Recap of your #Favorite #CelebzPOPPN™ . . . 🔻 /// @WESTPOPPN

Lets Check out your Favorite  🔺CelebzPOPPN™🔻 At the Essence Women In Music Event Last Night . . (UpTop):  RemyMa | Fabulous | Slick Rick

(UpTop): Claire’s Sulmers, Mona Scott, Mr.Tastefully Nasty, & AngieMartinez

        Naturi Naughton + Slick Rick The Ruler 

Essence Women In Music honored Missy Elliott last Night and Janet Jackson was honored to be the Presenter to give Missy Elliott her Award last night 🙌🏆

Isn’t this The Coolest thing!!! A Missy Elliott Look-ALike 💕👍

LIL MO, Mc Lyte, Naturi Naughton + Janet Jackson 

Slick Rick, Naturi Naughton  + Kerry Smalls

Yandy Smith Steps out with Singer Alex B to go help honor Missy Elliott  

T.I. + Naturi Naughton