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#CelebzPOPPN™📍At The #BIG3 #ChrisBrown @MBanks_ #IceCube #MartinLawrence & more/ @WESTPOPPN

Today at the STAPLES CENTER for The #BIG3 behind the scenes . . Ocho Cinco aka Chad Johnson, Chris Brown, and Andre Berto

NBA player “MARCUS BANKS” sits down with Afterbuzz and talks about his GAME tonight on the “Ghost Ballers” (stay tune to catch an All ACCESS & behind the scenes with Marcus Banks with Westpoppn)

Actor Pooch Hall & son, and ICE CUBE

Ray Swag and Nipsey Hussle

OchoCinco aka “Chad Johnson” and Dwayne Wade gettingall accesswatching the game in the front roll

Snoop Dogg spotted backstage with Dr. Sanford right after his Big Surprise Performance today at the #BIG3

Chris Brown behind the scenes with Leonardo Picon who has a following of 2.1 Million Instagram followers

NBA Player Marcus Banks of the “Ghost Ballers” speaking with Danielle Sabrina from HuffPost just before he suited up for his Game at the  #BIG3

Allen Iverson came out and the fans went crazy.  Iverson and Martin Lawrence showing each other love giving daps while on the court

#Fashion#TALK📍™ The NEXT Big DEAL!!! #HighFashion #SoulSlayze 2nd Annual Event / @_Soulaire @KWatersGGI @WESTPOPPN,

1010 Wilshire Blvd. at the “ROOFTOP” for The “SoulSlayze” Pt.2  / 2nd ANNUAL #HighFashion Event – It’s #TheMovementLA

Starring: Fashion GOD #Soulaire who will be debuting two “NEW” singles Produced by #Bslade . .

#SOULAIRE and #Bslade will also be Hosting at The #SoulSlayze Pt 2 Annual . . + You Must check out the #MrJumpin NEW Collection #KwatersFashion #KishaNicole 👉NEW Collection #Heavenly & more . . With tons of other #MusicalActs & Your #Favorite #DESIGNERS



Soulaire✔️ &  Kisha Nicole ✔️

Celebrity-INSIDERS™📍 #HandsUp🙌 to @MasterPMiller supporting the #ElderlyCommunity / @WESTPOPPN

Master P. Is always doing something DOPE! For the Communities and for those who may be less unfortunate.  Check out Master P. Supporting and giving back to the Elderly Community🙌💯

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Its a Blessing to be able to Give Back To The Elders that paved the way for us. Story: In New Orleans Businessman and entrepreneur Percy Miller aka Master P says, “I don’t want to forget about the elderly. These are the people that helped raise and guide us. If we make it, we are supposed to come back, help preserve them, take care of them, cherish and love them. They are our wisdom. I noticed that many times the elderly are lonely and barely being visited. Team Hope NOLA is focusing on celebrating, thanking and appreciating the elderly by helping beautify their property and most importantly spending time with them.” After Master P himself, helped with some of the indoor painting efforts, he ushered the Guste Home residents for a special surprise, where Percy Miller and his partners fed meals to over 2000 elderly. They also gift the facility with a new flat screen TV, laptops, chairs, tables and furniture for their community center. Guste Homes CEO Cynthia Wiggins summed up the morning best with her words of gratitude for Master P, "Thank you for being an example to the community of what success really means by giving back to the community that helped raise you and held you down." A stellar example indeed.

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#NOW Playing📍@BanditGvngMvrco – Produced By @KpOnDaBeat / @WESTPOPPN

#NEW R&B song by #Bandit Gang Marco “Pose to Be”



Check OUT the homegirl SHiNiNG RAE and her #NEW REMIX . . .


#Celebrity-INSIDERS📍™ #BayArea #WarriorsFans @Tooshort @OmariHardwick @RaphaelSaadiq @WESTPOPPN

OAKLANDS FINEST | Celebrating their WIN tonight🏀🏀🏀

Celebrity-INSIDERS📍™ #BabesForBoobs EVENT #SundyCarter #LauraMGovan #KevontayJackson #DaphneWAYANS / @WESTPOPPN

     #SundyCarter (Reality Tv-Star |Basketball Wives of LA) hits the Red Carpet for the #BreastCancerAwareness Babes For Boobs #BBAUCTION event

Actor|Kevontay Jackson with Celerity Tv-Star LAURA M. GOVAN

Daphne Wayans and Laura M. Govan hit the Red Carpet

Mom & Daughter | Sharon Osbourne and Kelly Osbourne also hit the Red Carpet 



Hollywood#TALK📍™ @YG gets his #TATTS #COVERED #UP for NEW #MovieROLL / @WESTPOPPN

|Movie TimeRapper|Actor  – YG with Make Up Artist #AnitaGibson  – Here is YG TATTED UP before Anita gives YG a movie make-over and do her makeup magic to cover up YG’s #TATTS and transforms YG  into his character

Hollywood#TALK📍™ @BigBoi releases his #NEW single ft. @Gucci1017 & #PimpC / @WESTPOPPN

Legendary Rapper|Actor – Big Boi from Outcast, and Ceaser Emanuel (Reality Tv show Black Ink-NY) at Big Boi’s Listening Party in ATL, drops his NEW Song “In the South

#NEW | Big Boi feat. Pimp C & Gucci Man

Ceaser Emanuel (Black Ink ), Baige Plates (Celebrity Food Chef & Catering Service for Drake, Ceaser-BlackInk, Skyy-BlackInk etc.), +  Outcast memberBIG GIPP   

#FIGHTNIGHT📍™ #JUNE10th on #ShowTime #Mayweather VS. #McGregor