#NEW🔺 Murder Inc. TV Series. . . #RAW #Uncut 🔻(WATCH VIDEO) /// @WESTPOPPN

Muder Inc. releases some #Raw and #Uncut behind the scenes Footage on what goes on, what talks are being talked about & more behind closed doors in the Music Business with Murder Inc. . (WATCH VIDEO’S)

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MURDER INC TV SERIES. This is but a glimpse of the real conversations you will see. Like it will have a dope cast. But when it comes to the part of the story where this needs to be told. This will play. The real shit. Rule and me is talking about Radio. He just was offered a million to do a movie. And he is doing it. But we committed to do a Radio Show. And have to back out of it. Anyone who knows me. Knows I was a Radio Whore. Hahah. I would do anything for my Programmers that was supporting me. That’s why Murder Inc Records was spinning so hard. Cause if you played my record. I was coming to do your shows. For lil or next to no money. This is some of the real insight I’m giving the world with MURDER INC TV SERIES. It will be like no other Music Based Series. It will be 100% Real!! For you to Learn and Be Inspired. Through my life’s ups and downs. #murderinctvseries #tales #season2 #visionaryideas #allcomingsoon

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California lifestyles ♥HOLLYWOOD WESTPOPPN.

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