#StayWoke🚩 #Libya #Slavetrade #humantrafficking 2017 #HappeningNow /// @Westpoppn

This is REAL!!!!! Happening right NOW🚩 In #LIBYA 🇱🇾 #Slavetrade and #Humantrafficking

#prayforlibya #2018 is approaching & #slavetrade #humantrafficking is happening today in 2017 #libyans are being sold "SOLD" human lives treated as a pair of shoes for 400$ But, of course this isn't coverage because our skin isn't important enough to end slavery ( in all forms) which as been happening & existed for many years.Alongside the African slave trade happening right now in #Libya, there is also the #organ #harvesting of #black #Africans going on in #Libya too.. this is an international lucrative business going on worldwide, That's why this issue is so silent history repeating itself in the most disgusting way but yet trump /America is more concerned & outraged about the "disrespect " for not standing for an anthem & flag that was never for us. But racism doesn't exist. Its 2017 and humans are being sold of their lives wow this makes breaks my heart, I'm angry, I'm Tired. Why is this not being covered in the #news bringing more #awareness that this is #humantrafficking #blacklivesmatter

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California lifestyles ♥HOLLYWOOD WESTPOPPN.

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