RIP to the Young and Upcoming Rapper BTY YOUNGN who recently joined with Birdman and CASH MONEY Records not to long ago.

BTY YoungN, was shot and killed last night (April 29), in his hometown of New Orleans.

BTY YoungN,  aka The N.O. MC, born Desmone Jerome, was gunned down at a Shell gas station in the Hollygrove section of the city, reports The Times Picayune. At this point, details on the situation are sparse.

over 100 spectators gathered Last night, around the scene of the crime after cops swarmed the service station and blocked off nearby roads. “He was a very uplifting individual,” Glenn Bell, who identified himself as a cousin of Jerome, told the TP. “A very positive individual. Very impactful. Rap is his career, not was. He’s going to live on.”

Last year, he enjoyed a NOLA Music Awards win for “Breakout Artist of the Year.” In November, he put out the mixtape, I Ain’t Sorry for the Wait.

( The rapper’s Facebook page )

The Young N.O. Rapper  just recently brought in a NEW beautiful baby into his world . .



Lil Boosie Bad Ass and BTY YoungN



– SheMoney

RIP “BTY Youngn” condolences to you, your friends and your family… 


California lifestyles ♥HOLLYWOOD WESTPOPPN.

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