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Rapper PROBLEM and his daughter JORDYN adding vocals on the MIC. . #StudioLocDownSession

Momma Dee wit tha HOMIES. .

Jimmy DON’T

Why is she crying?

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Nicki Minaj  #JETLIFE  . .

Magical moments that leave you speechless 🦄🎀

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RIP to the Young and Upcoming Rapper BTY YOUNGN who recently joined with Birdman and CASH MONEY Records not to long ago.

BTY YoungN, was shot and killed last night (April 29), in his hometown of New Orleans.

BTY YoungN,  aka The N.O. MC, born Desmone Jerome, was gunned down at a Shell gas station in the Hollygrove section of the city, reports The Times Picayune. At this point, details on the situation are sparse.

over 100 spectators gathered Last night, around the scene of the crime after cops swarmed the service station and blocked off nearby roads. “He was a very uplifting individual,” Glenn Bell, who identified himself as a cousin of Jerome, told the TP. “A very positive individual. Very impactful. Rap is his career, not was. He’s going to live on.”

Last year, he enjoyed a NOLA Music Awards win for “Breakout Artist of the Year.” In November, he put out the mixtape, I Ain’t Sorry for the Wait.

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The Young N.O. Rapper  just recently brought in a NEW beautiful baby into his world . .


NOUGH SAID 💯💯💯💪🏿💪🏿💰

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Lil Boosie Bad Ass and BTY YoungN


Desmone aka Bty youngn I really can't believe yu gone yu was a genuine loyal person and I felt that from the heart I'll never forget when I came to that city to fuck with yu me and sis yu made show we was good I'll never forget when yu came to Baton Rouge jst to come fwm I thought yu was lien so I left the house and went out when yu made it yu txted me and told me send me yo location I said I'm at the club yu asked what club my response was belle nocha I'll send yu my address when I make it home 10mins later yu txted again wya in belle nocha I'm in here that moment I knew yu really was fuckin with me we met at my house after I let yu meet my moms and Lil bro my momma said yu a lil boy yu said who I'm a grown man😂 I showed yu my studio we talked about music and life how we both really wanted this shit bad yu said take a picture with my chain on they ain't gone like that I said yu kno that in yo voice 😂I'll never forget yu told me yu gone put the whole city on she money I'm telling yu how they fuckin with me they gone be fuckin with yu I was suppose to take yu to the ride dirts when yu came back we was suppose to drop a whole tape like niki and meek I'll never forget yu begged me blew my fone up to come to yo show at the office all yu wanted was me to see yu perform but me being the petty queen I was &you would call me I didn't cause I was mad yu didn't make it on time we face timed all day every day all yu wanted was the money and to take care your family yo momma yo baby momma and yo son I jst told yu day before yesterday watch how yu move be careful they envy success I'm saying all this to say cherish every moment with the ppl that genuinely care about yu and the ppl yu genuinely care about life short I never knew that would be yur last show nor the last time I actually would see yu I promised yu would be truly missed and when it come to this music shit imma do it on the strength of yu 🙏🏾😇❤️ #ripbtyyoungn #shemoneyLLC💰

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– SheMoney

RIP “BTY Youngn” condolences to you, your friends and your family… 

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#NOW PLAYING📍™ New Video by @Marc_Mavrick “Dark Liquor” / +more on @WESTPOPPN

Marc Mavri¢k (AKA) Black Mask –DerekFisher



The New York rapper gets dark and twisty in new visual

NEW YORK, NY (Apr. 21, 2017) – East coast artist on the rise, Marc Mavri¢k continues to shine as an increasingly popular leader of the new school with his jarring new video “Dark Liquor,” produced by Ty Real. The New York rapper invites viewers into his dark and twisted world for a near out of body experience under the influence of alcohol. He creatively weaves his quirky lyrics through the mind-bending visual warp, from start to finish.Marc sometimes refers to himself as “Black Mask Mav,” which hints at a dark brooding energy that has yet to be fully unveiled, but fans get a glimpse of what’s to come from this young artist’s mind in the new “Dark Liquor” video.

The indie artist continues to drop bangers following the crazy success of his recent video “Derek Fisher,” featuring fellow NuLa Entertainment artist Corey Finesse, that has garnered over 1 million views and counting on YouTube.



Lady Leshurr – Juice

#Celebrity-INSIDERS📍™ Listening Party for #CORNBREAD hosted by @sosobrat + NEW Video / @WESTPOPPN

Exclusive Listening Party at MASS APPEAL in ATL For Recording Artist CORNBREAD  “Trust The Process” Mixtape hosted by Tha BRAT . . went down YESTERDAY in the ATL 

R.Dot.Fisher, CORNBREAD, and the host Tha BRAT 


Cornbreads latest video “PASSENGER RIDER” featuring Tha Brat 


KOBE BRYANT 📍 Poem #DearBasketBall – a love letter to the Game. . . #KOBEBRYANT / @Westpoppn

The short Dear Basketball visually presents Bryant’s poem. It premiered Sunday at the Tribeca Film Festival

 PC:Taylor Hill/Getty Images

📍#NEWS-ALERT📍#Legendary #Pioneer JT Tha Bigga Figga was SHOT 3x’s by an AK – #JTTHABIGGAFIGGA more on @WESTPOPPN

LegendaryPioneer JT Tha Bigga Figga was SHOT 3x’s, Young Noble a Member of The Outlawz came to see him and had this to say..  


JT the Bigga Figga, is an Entrepreneur/Pioneer-Producer,  Recording Artist with a long and impressive resume, JT from Fillmore of San Francisco,CA. 

He has produced music on over one hundred albums, for artists including The Game,  Master P, Daz Dillinger, San Quinn, Messy Marv, Rich The Factor (Young Rich The Factor) just to name a few, including a long list of films as well as platforms such as Trapflix Movies . . .     (Click link below)

Please click on GoFundMe link below to Go to JT’s page and Help support the Figg’s Medical Fund . . . Thx  – – – We hope for a speedy recovery for JT Tha Bigga Figga  (pc:YoungNoble, JTBF,Wallo)




NOW PLAYING @MeshBanga x M.O.E Nino – Call it Directed by @Cinematicluis { @Westpoppn

  Starring: Mesh Banga & M.O.E Nino  “Call It” * Video