NOW PLAYING T.Y. – On Me (new ) SON of BG #Hotboyz /#TheJetWay (Feat. Casino) @OhYouBGson @WESTPOPPN

RED-FIT Size/small -Hollywood#TALK TMDj Drama and (BG's son) TY - Red Logo (c) 2015 #WESTPOPPN - @WESTPOPPN -|DJ Drama & T.Y. |  –  T.Y who happens to be the (Son) of  Legendary Cash Money rapper “B.G”  RAPPER BG AND CASH MONEY - WESTPOPPN.COMRed Logo (c) 2015 #WESTPOPPN - @WESTPOPPN - westpoppn.comrapper BG & LIL WAYNE -WESTPOPPN.COMBG” and LIL WAYNE #HOTBOY’z

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Red Logo (c) 2015 #WESTPOPPN - @WESTPOPPN -

T.Y. Delivers a  NEW VIDEO, Which he preserves the sound, and the energy of his father, which gives the listeners a breath of fresh air… IT really feels good to see TY running with the FLAG 

RED-FIT Size/small -Hollywood#TALK TMRAPPER T.Y. aka (son of BG") - westpoppn.comRed Logo (c) 2015 #WESTPOPPN - @WESTPOPPN - westpoppn.comT.Y.


Available NOW . . “Son Of A Gangsta 1&2, and Run Dat Sh*t

Westpoppn Logo- inside-look-logo-tm-transparent-w-westpoppn-logoSON OF A GANGSTA - BY RAPPER T.Y. (BG's son)Westpoppn Logo- inside-look-logo-tm-transparent-w-westpoppn-logo




California lifestyles ♥HOLLYWOOD WESTPOPPN.

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