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2017’s Most Anticipated Movies

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the_dark_tower_still_1_h_2017 The Dark Tower  Stephen King adaptation stars Idris Elba as a wandering knight who is the last hope of the fallen land of Mid-World. He is charged with finding the Dark Tower while battling his nemesis the Man in Black, played by Matthew McConaughey. Nikolaj Arcei is directing the Sony fantasy film.

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World War Z 2world_war_z_2

Plot details for the Paramount sequel are not yet revealed, but the film reunites Brad Pitt with David Fincher, who directed him in Seven, Fight Club and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Marc Foster directed the 2013 zombie apocalypse thriller, but was famously sidelined as the third act of the movie was rewritten and reshot, eventually grossing $540 million worldwide.

Wonder Woman

Gal Gadot plays the titular heroine in the origin story of how Diana Prince, an Amazon princess, leaves her island home to become the DC warrior.



boskoe100 beef with Kyyngg - WESTPOPPN.COM

Boskoe and Kyyngg had this to say. . to each other . .

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boskoe responds to kyyngg - Westpoppn.comRED-FIT Size/small -Hollywood#TALK TM


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Hollywood#TALK™ 📍 @ParisHilton #Karrueche &more ➕ #NewMusicBY @MollyBrazy @imJUsCUEtE2x @playboyfreud @Gijoe_OMG @WESTPOPPN

Lil Romeo and Karreuche - Westpoppn.comRED westpoppn-logo TM - westpoppn.comLooks like Lil Romeo is back taking his acting career to the Next level.  LiL Romeo and Karreuche getting into their zone while on set, practicing their scripts.

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RED-FIT Size/small -Hollywood#TALK - It's AD and morgan westbrooks - mommy tattedRED westpoppn-logo TM - Morgan Westbrooks and Rapper It’s AD might be up to something. .  Rumor has it that their cooking up some #HEAT in the studio???  (pc: DonJae)


#ParisHiltonPet 2017 launch -

RED westpoppn-logo TM - westpoppn.comParis Hilton releases her #ParisHiltonPet doggy clothing line🐕🐾

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Lid acrid at Drais for New Years 2017 -

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NOW PLAYING #YOUNGSAM X #TRAFFIC VIDEO #HOLDUP / @Sammight69her @Traffic5150 @Westpoppn


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Celebrity-INSIDERS™ #ChiefKeef ➕ New music by @kodieshane &more #On @WESTPOPPN


Chief Keef new hair du alert!!!! Westpoppn.comRED westpoppn-logo TM - westpoppn.comChief Keef ‘s NEW HAIR DU Alert . . 😮


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Slim400 -



Merry Christmas . . & Happy Holidays. . @Westpoppn

RED-FIT Size/small -Hollywood#TALK TMMerry Christmas from Westpoppn.comMerry Christmas . . . . 🎄🎄🎄🎄📍RED westpoppn-logo TM - westpoppn.comTeyana Taylor - Westpoppn.comTeyana Taylor and Family 🎄Remyy Ma & Papoose - merry Christmas -

Papoose and REMY MA 🎄

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Byers first Christmas - Westpoppn.comThe BYERS First Christmas🎄 . . ❤️Birds👌 (From Tv show EMPIRE)

The Byers first Christmas - Westpoppn.comRED westpoppn-logo TM - westpoppn.comWESTPOPPN HOLLYWOOD TM logo :black

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Christmas with rapper YoYo and her daughter - Westpoppn.comFamily Time 🎄with YO YO and her daughter 🎄

Kobe and family for Christmas - RED westpoppn-logo TM - westpoppn.comKOBEFAMILY 📍🎄

Anthony from LA HAIR -

Christmas time 🎄 with ANTHONY from Tv Show LA HAIR & his Family 🎄

Westpoppn Logo- inside-look-logo-tm-transparent-w-westpoppn-logoToya carter with family on Christmas - Westpoppn.comRED westpoppn-logo TM - westpoppn.comToya and her #Johnsonfamily  Family trip on Christmas . . 🎄 At Universal Studios in 📍 Florida

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imageRED westpoppn-logo TM - westpoppn.comRapper GAME with his SON 🎄In LONDON 📍For the Holidays🎄

Rapper game's assistant Leaux Steez - Westpoppn.comGame’s Assistant Leaux Steez  in London with the team. .

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RED-FIT Size/small -Hollywood#TALK TMCiara and family Russell Wilson - Christmas w/ family - WESTPOPPN.comThe Wilson’s FAMILY🎄❄️☃🌨🎄


Nufced vs Jackie long #PieChallenge - Westpoppn.comNufced’s PIE’s 👍🏽 #ButtermilkPie’s🍴🎄

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RED westpoppn-logo TM - westpoppn.comNufed said … . . . He might have to take an “L”  . .


Paris Hilton with Caitlyn - Westpoppn.comRED westpoppn-logo TM - westpoppn.comParis Hilton ➕ Caitlyn with Santa Claus . . ☃🎄

Celebrity-INSIDERS™📍 @iamcardib #NipseyHussle #KeKePalmer &more ➕ NewMusic by @Chippass @cityboy_dr #On @Westpoppn

Cardi B & LouGotCash - Gwinin Artist - Westpoppn.comRED westpoppn-logo TM - westpoppn.comCardi B and Lou Got Cash (Gwinin Artist) spotted at club LUST

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Actor -Half brothers | Chad davis and KEKE Palmer - WESTPOPPN.comRED westpoppn-logo TM - westpoppn.comActor Chad Davis from “Half Brothers” (New Series) #Onset hanging out with KEKE Palmer 📍

TMT boxer Ko bello & Nipsey Hussle - Westpoppn.comRED westpoppn-logo TM - westpoppn.comTMT Pro-Boxer Ko Bello chopping it up with young Nipsey Hussle

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Kid ink and family in Dubai - Westpoppn.comRED westpoppn-logo TM - westpoppn.comFamily Time in DUBAI 📍 With #KIDINK🎄

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Future and yo Gotti -Westpoppn.comFuture and Yo Gotti cutting UP on STAGE📍

RED westpoppn-logo TM - westpoppn.comTAO - French Montana & DJ KHALED on New Years 2017 -

@RosaAcosa 2nd Annual TOY DRIVE @iitsAD @_Soulaire @LeontineDesigns &more ➕ NEW #DOLLHOUSE MUSIC @DonthaDoll on @WESTPOPPN

Rosa Acosta 2nd Annual Toy Drive -

RED westpoppn-logo TM - westpoppn.comROSA Acosta  celebrated and had her 2nd Cossamia’s Toy and Shoe drive with Echoingsoundz & MyFriendsHouse Foundation  Los Angeles,CA on Melrose last night. . A lot of Friends and Celeb’s came thru 📍

RED-FIT Size/small -Hollywood#TALK TMRosa Acosta 2nd annual toy drive #Cossamia's - Westpoppn.comRED westpoppn-logo TM - westpoppn.comvH1 Stars Rosa Acosta and Althea Heart hit the Red Carpet 📍

RED -Who-Hit-Da-Red

Rapper It's AD - Westpoppn.comRapper It’s AD came thru and showed loved ➕ Hit the Red Carpet📍

RED -Who-Hit-Da-Red

Rosa Acosta 2nd ToyDrive - Actor Rashad Dunn & actor/model RAJI - Westpoppn.comRED westpoppn-logo TM - westpoppn.comActor Rashaad DUNN alongside with Actor/Model RAJI

RED-FIT Size/small -Hollywood#TALK TMSoulaire and rosa Acosta 2nd Toy Drive -

CelebrityStylist|Music Artist SOULAIRE ➕ Rosa Acosta 📍

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rosa Acosta 2nd ToyDrive with Leontine Abdullah -

Celebrity DESIGNER 👗Leontine Abdullah💋 And Rosa Acosta 📍

Deion Music - at Rosa Acosta 2nd annual Toy Drive - Deion Music celebrity creative director - Westpoppn.comRED westpoppn-logo TM - westpoppn.comDeion Music 📍 Creative Director ➕Celebrity Stylist

jacob willis & Althea Heart - WEstpoppn.comRED westpoppn-logo TM - VH1 star Jacob Willis 📍 & Vh1 Star Althea Heart 📍went LIVE on the Gram last night . . . Hitting the Red Carpet!!!

Jacob Willis -(gettyimapges)  -

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Celebrity-INSIDERS™ #DjMustard #SpikeLee #CelfieCosmetics ➕ #NEW Music by @AMeazy_OHM @WESTPOPPN

Dj Mustard and wifey - Westpoppn.comRED westpoppn-logo TM - westpoppn.comDj mustard and wifey spotted out On a #DateNight ❤️👛

Dj mustard and wifey- Westpoppn.omRED-FIT Size/small -Hollywood#TALK TM


westpoppn-new-musicTM Logo#NewyorkGiantsGame - Celtic cosmetics and spike Lee - Westpoppn.comRED westpoppn-logo TM - westpoppn.comOwner of Celfie Cosmetics and Spike Lee . . Going Hard for threat Big Blue NewYork🏈   #GiantsGoHardFans✔️✔️🏈

Celfie Cosmetics -

RED-FIT Size/small -Hollywood#TALK TMAyisha Diaz - Westpoppn.comRED westpoppn-logo TM - westpoppn.comVideo Vixen 💋Ayisha Diaz spotted out with her Two Body Guards. . 💋Westpoppn Logo- inside-look-logo-tm-transparent-w-westpoppn-logoBryson Tiller working with NIKE - WESTPOPPN.comRED westpoppn-logo TM - westpoppn.comHmmmmmm???? What’s up Next with BrysonTiller . . Rumor has it that Tiller just Inked a Deal With NIKE✔️  #Congrats👏🏽

#BlackBottleGirls -Rickross - 🍾 Ricky Rozay Brand

#NOW PLAYING📍@TrapBeckham_ ➕ more . . On @WESTPOPPN

Dj Mustard and YG - Westpoppn.comDJ Mustard & YG #LIT🔥

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RED-FIT Size/small -Hollywood#TALK TM

Lil Jon - in Cali


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