Hollywood#TALK @ICECUBE @IAmPeterGunz @TheRealPecas + New MUSIC by @FenkellPayroll SipMarcel @DomicoPhillips ON @WESTPOPPN

Ice cube and yo yo - Westpoppn.com

WESTPOPPN✔️  IceCube and Yo Yo  #LAX✔️

Carmelo and his boy pecas - WESTPOPPN.com

Carmelo came thru to check out his boy Pecas up in the Hamptons #BOSSLife



Serena williams and LALA anthony son - #serena wins her #307 victory- Westpoppn.com

Lil Kiyan Anthony (Carmelo Anthony son) got a chance to kick it with WINNER 🏆Serena Willams Today as she wins her 307 Glam Slam Match, Serena makes History in women’s Tennis  #Congrats✔️

Kelly's and Bobby brown - Westpoppn.com

These TWO ran into eachother, pop singer Kelis and Legendary Bobby Brown.   Picture that . . A Bobby Brown and a Kelis track ✔️ #Dope!!!

RED-FIT Size -Hollywood#TALK TM

Safaree / and his ghost writer shirt - WESTPOPPN.com

SAFAREE rocking his GHOST WRITER Shirt. . Hmmm I wonder who he’s been ghost writing for????? 🤔 With his controversial GHOST WRITER Shirt

RED-FIT Size -Hollywood#TALK TM

Peter Guns and his babies - Westpoppn.com

Peter Guns takes a few Family Photo’s with the lil Bae’s 💕💞💖💘 shot by Catherine Ouellette 

Peter guns and his new born - WESTPOPPN.com

SOoooo Cute✨✔️

Peter guns and his new born baby - WESTPOPPN.com



California lifestyles ♥HOLLYWOOD WESTPOPPN.

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