@KHLEOThomas #SLICKLIVING Release Party @CatfishJean @TheJacobWillis @Officialcam30 @LeontineDesigns @WESTPOPPN

Khleo Thomas - Slick Living Release Party -WESTPOPPN.COM

KHLEO THOMAS from the popular film Roll Bounce with Bow Wow and the movie Holes, is up to something BIG!!!. . KHleo just released his NEW Slick Living Brand. . it’s a TAKEOVER party at The MELT in Hollywood,CA  > KHLEO’s party was #LIT   Releasing some NEW Music and Welcoming you to his New Slick Living Clothing line coming soon .  .   .    pc: Westpoppn

Khleo Thomas - Slick Living TAKEOVER -Westpoppn.com.JPG-2

KHLEO had fun taking Over THE MELT Restaurant serving to some of his friends and customers who came in to support his Event!!!

Khleo Thomas - Slick Living TAKEOVER party @THEMelt in Hollywood,ca -Westpoppn.com.JPG

pc westpoppn

Khleo Thomas - Slick Living TAKEOVER party @TheMELT in Hollywood,ca -Westpoppn.com.JPG

RED-FIT Size -Hollywood#TALK TM

THEN. . THIS HAPPENED!!!! The PARTY Turn’t UP it got #LIT . . . After everybody filled their belly’s with some bomb food from THE MELT, In The back was a Pool Party and the PARTY CONTINUED!!!!

 (Videoby: Danny Santana)


RED-FIT Size -Hollywood#TALK TM

CATFISH JEAN - @ KHLOE Thomas Slick Living Takeout -WESTPOPPN.COM

CATFISH JEAN from Survivor’s Remorse hits the Red Carpet

Catfish Jean - #SlickLiving By Khleo Thomas - WESTPOPPN.com

RED -Who-Hit-Da-Red-Carpet---westpoppn.com

Camryn Howard - @Khloe Thomas @THEMelt Slick Living Takeover - WESTPOPPN.COM

CAMRYN HOWARD - SLICK LIVING takeover Party Releaese - Khloe Thomas - WESTPOPPN.COM

CAMRYN HOWARD – from Straight Outta Compton Movie as DJ Speed

RED-FIT Size -Hollywood#TALK TM

Celebrity Designer - Leontine Abdullah - Westpoppn.com

Celebrity Fashion Designer – Leontine Abdullah hits the Red Carpet


JACOB WILLIS -Slick Living Takeover Party Release - Khloe Thomas - WESTPOPPN.COM

RED -Who-Hit-Da-Red-Carpet---westpoppn.com

Jacob Willis hits the Red Carpet . . .Jacob is starred in the “NEW” Reality Tv Show called #WeGotNEXT set to premiere in 2017 . . . Stay Tuned!!!

TV Personality,Actor, Host -JACOB WILLIS -Slick Living Takeover Release party - Khloe Thomas - WESTPOPPN.COM

RED-FIT Size -Hollywood#TALK TM

CAMILLA BANUS -Days of our lives - Slick Living Takeover Party -Khloe Thomas - WESTPOPPN.COM

CAMILLA  BANUS from Days of our lives on NBC  pc:Westpoppn


RED-FIT Size -Hollywood#TALK TM

Slick Living -Khloe Thomas -WEstpoppn.com

RED -Who-Hit-Da-Red Carpet---westpoppn.com

MATEO LOVES -personal Assistant -Slick Living Takeover release party - Khleo Thomas -westpoppn.com

U Slayyy Logo - Westpoppn.com

MATEO LOVES – Celebrity Personal Assistant  – hits the Red Carpet with Kisses

Celebrity Westpoppn.com - Photographer- D'FIELDS


RED -Who-Hit-Da-Red Carpet---westpoppn.com

Khleo Thomas - Slick Living Release Party -WESTPOPPN.COM

RED -Who-Hit-Da-Red-Carpet---westpoppn.com



trackkillers.com#NEW APP ALERT For All NEW ARTISTS + PRODUCERS +More...



California lifestyles ♥HOLLYWOOD WESTPOPPN.

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