Hollywood#TALK™ #Recap of METGALA 2016 + Videos by @PDreY24 @GLokhem @The_HomieTony @khalihstleMGM @WESTPOPPN

Met Gala 2016 - Ideis and Beyoncé- Westpoppn.com

Hmmmmmmm don’t these TWO look cute!!!!😃 Beyoncé and Idris at the #MetGala 2016

Tupac mom dies at 67 - Westpoppn.com

RIP🌹 #SALUTE >>> To one Beautiful, Smart, Black and Powerful Black Woman, who also birth a talented, strong, smart and intelligent son TUPAC. . Both #GoneToSoon 



Nick Minaj #Metgala2016 - Westpoppn.com

Nicki Minaj at The #MetGala 2016 


STARS - listenUpLogo 2 - music -Westpoppn.com

Jaleel white, R&B singer Llyod- Westpoppn.com

#ONSET🎥🎬 >> Behind The Scenes with Jaleel White (known for child star of Playing Steve Urkel), friend, and R&B Singer LLYOD



RED -Who-Hit-Da-Red-Carpet---westpoppn.com

Jennifer Hudson and Ciara #MetGala 2016

Jennifer Hudson and CIARA 

Nicki Minaj , Demi lovato, Jeremy scott , Westpoppn.com #MetGala2016

Nicki Minaj, Jeremy Scott, Demi Lovato (pc:Charles Skyes)

Beyoncé - metgala2016 -Westpoppn.com


Kanye west - Westpoppn.com

Kanye West goes Grey Eyes on the Red Carpet

Kanye, Kim and Kardashians - Westpoppn.com

RED -Who-Hit-Da-Red-Carpet---westpoppn.com

Westpoppn.com - O'Dell Beckham jr, Carmelo anthony, future,Nas, Wiz Khalifa,

Carmelo Anthony, FUTURE, Nas, Wiz Khalifa, O’Dell Beckham Jr.

Willow and Jayden smith - Westpoppn.com

Willow Smith and Jaden Smith 

Jennifer Hudson - Westpoppn.com


RED -Who-Hit-Da-Red-Carpet---westpoppn.com

Jenner kardashian & boyfriend - Westpoppn.com #MetGala2016

Chris Jenner kardashian & Boyfriend 

Kardashians- Westpoppn.com #Metgala2016

RED -Who-Hit-Da-Red-Carpet---westpoppn.com

Claire Danes #MetGala -Westpoppn.com

Claire Danes was one of the talks at #MetGala 2016 on #HighFashion, and of course, also the DOPE!!! Designer who made this Fabulous lit dress. . . by the name of  ZACPOSEN

Claire Danes - dress by ZACPOSEN at #Metgala2016- Westpoppn.com

Pink-HOLLYWOOD#TALK Westpoppn logo


California lifestyles ♥HOLLYWOOD WESTPOPPN.

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