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FIX MY MOM - on oxygen

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LLcool J, simone I. Smith, Renee Graziano, BIG ANG #VH1 -westpoppn.com

Mama said knock you out” with the legendary LL COOL J,  his lovely wife Simone I. Smith, and their homegirls from #VH1 Renee Graziano and BIG ANG as the girls all  kick it on the TV show of #LIPsyncBATTLE with host LL Cool J.

ll cool j, and BIG ANG #VH1 -westpoppn.com

Backstage of #LIPsyncBATTLE with BIG ANG and LL COOL J 



CoCo with her step son -westpoppn.com

#CoCo and Baby #ChanelNicole is on Count Down!!!! 

“My Stepson LiL ICE loves his baby sister #ChanelNicole already .She can’t wait to meet him too!
(32 weeks)”  – CoCo

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Gabby cv Douglas westpoppn.com

Look at my girl >  Young Gabby Douglas growing up!!! Her and her #TeamMates all #Representing the #PINK Leotards for cancer awareness Month 🙂

Westpoppn TM - Logo PURPLE

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California lifestyles ♥HOLLYWOOD WESTPOPPN.

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