#TreySONGS & #RosaACOSTA + #Stevie J #Amber Rose + more

Trey Songa & Rosa Acosta - WESTPOPPN.COM

Trey Songs & Model Vixen Rosa Acosta inside of Bugatta Restaurant in Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA. Trey Songs Hosted a Video Premiere Party for his New Single ” Na Na” and Rosa Acosta is in his new video.

wiz Khalifa & Amber Rose - WESTPOPPN.COM


Wiz Khalifa & his Boo Boo Amber Rose… took a “TWIN” Pic… 🙂    (Out in Austin,Texas for SXSW)

christina milian & her fiance jas Prince - WESTPOPPN.COM


Christina milian & her Fiance Jas Prince chilling in HOLLYWOOD, CA walking the on Stars…  🙂

Stevie J & Joseline


Stevie J and Joseline out in ATL clubbing…& getting a LiL Cozy  🙂



California lifestyles ♥HOLLYWOOD WESTPOPPN.

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