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Mary J. Blige, along with her husband Kendu,  in London, England.

STOUDEMIRE’S  new fiancee , Alexis Welch

Ice Cube signing autographs.  Ice Cube and his family had an outing to see the Los Angeles Kings defeat the New Jersey Devils for the Stanley Cup at the Staples Center.

Trina heading to host a party at Harlem Nights 

Free agent football player THOMAS JONES spotted snuggled up with none other than…” Miss 32 Flavaz” herself, Rapper Diamond. Both of them star in the new drama series “The Lick” together.

Rapper Eve recently kicking off a new documentary series for “Reebok Classics”


Andre 3000 was seen in Dublin Filming on the set of the upcoming  “JIMI HENDRIX” biopic.

NIPSEY HUSTLE -Up Close Documentary: Europe 2012

#NEW -“Kid Ink” – Hear Them Talk 


California lifestyles ♥HOLLYWOOD WESTPOPPN.

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